Saturday, October 16, 2010

pdb story..


some story about ''bio" matter..(n_n)v
(when cts student talk about biology...)

let's have a look.


Riboswitches are regulatory elements built directly into a messenger RNA. For instance, the riboswitch senses the level of purine bases, binding tightly to guanine, hypoxanthine and xanthine. This riboswitch is part of the messenger RNA that encodes enzymes that transport and metabolize purines. So, when purine bases are prevalent, they bind to the riboswitch and slow down the production of the proteins when they're not needed

Many riboswitches have been found in bacteria, as well as a few in plants and fungi. These sense the levels of many different types of molecules, including purines, amino acids, vitamins, and cofactors..

this is the application of raswin..

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