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ACD/ChemSketch is a chemical drawing software package from
Advanced Chemistry Development,Inc. designed to be used
alone or integrated with other applications. ChemSketch is used to draw
chemical structures, reactions and schematic diagrams.
It can also be used to design chemistryrelatedreports and presentations.

Chemsketch can be used in Structure Mode (as shown below) or in Draw Mode where a different set of tools are available. Drawn molecules can also be viewed in 3D by clicking on the 3D icon icon (top right).

This is the standard ChemSketch interface with the additional I-Lab menu and the status bar at the bottom left.

Drawn molecules viewed in 3D

ACD/ChemSketch has the following major capabilities:

Structure ModeDraw ModeMolecular Properties
for drawing chemical structures and calculating their properties.or text and graphics processingcalculations for automatic estimation of

* molecular weight;
* percentage composition;
* molar refractivity;
* molar volume;
* parachor;
* index of refraction;
* surface tension;
* density;
* dielectric constant; and
* polarizability.

for user guide
please click here

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